How To Quickly Lose Sales In Your Ecommerce Business.

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

Working diligently on your business but still can't see sales?

If your eCommerce is losing sales or you're not seeing the conversions you had hoped for, you may want to consider the following reasons: 

  1. You’re running traffic on an eCommerce platform that isn’t optimized for sales.
  2. You have a poor user shopping experience that doesn't allow for an easy and quick checkout. 
  3. You have the wrong goal set up for your Ad Campaigns when you run this on Social Media platforms.
  4. You don’t have an optimized Products page.
  5. Your Products page doesn’t quickly display “key benefits” of the product which is how you will hook your customer.
  6. Your Facebook pixel isn't on every single product page.
  7. Your products page isn’t loading as fast as it should. Internet standard is 1.5 secs but if you REALLY don’t want to lose sales, you need to have it load at .5 seconds.
  8. You’re not Re-targeting.
  9. You're running your Ad Campaigns on the wrong...
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The Most Important Decision For Any eCommerce Business Owner

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

What platform should I use to build my eCommerce store on?

This decision is probably one of the most important decisions you would need to make as an eCommerce business owner.

So which platform is the right platform?

While we build on different platforms, our number one choice remains: Shopify.


Shopify has all the following:

  • Most users- most stores at 200’000+
  • Most Third Party Developer support which means you end up with the best plugins and marketing applications.
  • Largest App Network which allows you many unique capabilities in terms of your store functionality and marketing.
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface which is very crucial to ensuring a great user experience.
  • Best pre- defined Theme selection and page editor which allows you to not have to worry about ongoing development on your website.
  • Built in merchant processing which allows you to easily set up a store and get a merchant account.
  • Great phone & tech support as well as customer support and...
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Why Is It Important to Pick the Right Email Provider for Your E-Commerce Business?

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

With 50% of your sales coming from Email Marketing, selecting the right Email service provider is crucial to your E-commerce success.

What to look for in an email service provider: 

  • Contact tagging. This will allow you to tag people based on behavior, who they are.
  • Smart automation. When they get tagged, move them to an email sequence.
  • A/B testing. Split testing with different emails to see which performs best.
  • Template editor. Designing email in congruence with your brand
  • Phone Tech Support: the ability to reach someone quickly if you ever have an issue with email.
  • E-commerce data integration. Collecting data on our E-commerce through our email service provider to make business decisions accordingly. What they purchased, when and how much, patterns to communicate with people based on their purchasing profile. What products they like, how often do they purchase? Are they your biggest fans?
  • Help desk integration. To understand more about what people ask about, when and how...
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How to Use Video Advertising to Optimize Your Campaign

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

Are you running video advertising?

Do you know how to create a Video Ad That Sells?

How do you optimize your efforts and ensure a winning campaign?

Are you wondering about the perfect top of the funnel strategy to use in your e-commerce sales funnel?

It’s 100%: Video! So, are you using video?

Once you’ve engaged your customer and acquired a lead, the first asset you must create is your video that shows the product and its benefits.

Here is the checklist for what to keep in mind when creating your video: 

  1. Ensure the demonstration of the benefits of the product ideally in a story based manner clearly and effectively.
  2. Include Customer Testimonials demonstrating how they are using the product, the benefits they enjoyed, how the product solved a problem they had and their overall positive experience. You can incentivize them for this one. And last but not least, make sure your customers talk about how much they love your product! Share about your happy...
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2 Important Video Assets Every E-Commerce Business Should Use

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019


With customers taking action on your e-commerce store, it’s important you acknowledge their actions then ask them to take another which allows them to make another commitment.

Why is this important?

To get them into the buying cycle.

Once you get someone to make the first commitment even if it’s a small one, it’s easy to get them to continue to move forward in the cycle and to make more commitments leading up to the purchase.

Here are 2 examples of the actions a customer can take on your e-commerce store and what video to follow up with:


Post Opt-in “thank you” video”

Every e-commerce store should have many opt-in opportunities to start building their email list.

So, what should you use when your customer opts in?

Acknowledge their action, thank them and then ask for your next commitment.

Not sure what script to use in your video?

Here is an example copy for you to use:

“Thank you so much for joining the club! ...

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Key Content Assets Every E-Commerce Business Should Have to Ensure Optimized Sales

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

The key content assets every e-commerce should have to ensure we communicate our offer effectively and make the most sales are:

  • Product descriptions, pictures and videos that inform your customers about the product they are buying.
  • More information pages that provide extra information to your customer but are not necessarily about selling such as the: About Us page, Shipping info, Returns, Privacy policy, etc.
  • Why buy from us pageOn this page, you will need to communicate effectively your uniqueness and why your customer should buy from you.
  • Hello from the owner videoOne of the most important videos you can post where you will communicate the “Story” behind your brand.
  • Post-Opt-in thank you video: This is where you would acknowledge your customer’s action after their opted in and start building the relationship leading up to the sales. This is crucial when implementing your Email Marketing.
  • Post Purchase thank you video: Another VERY...
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The #1 Question E-Commerce Business Owners Ask

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

Should I switch platforms? And is it worth it?

You decide!

Here is a list of the reasons it may be time to switch platforms:

  • To improve the customer experience
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Market conditions, like updated interfaces or plugins you need to upgrade
  • Improve key performance indicators- or known as KPI’s
  • Platform shortcomings i.e, not mobile responsiveness or not easy to build pages 
  • Integration requirements are not available on your older platform
  • Cost - Shopify is the most affordable platform at every level of the e-commerce game

So now that you’ve considered all the above, this is what you should consider when making your final decision:

Consider the “Risk/Reward” of switching platforms.

The “Risks”

  • Time & money needed in the process of changing platforms
  • Change business processes. By switching to a platform you are sometimes switching your processes.
  • SEO - traffic dips at the beginning when changing to a new platform until...
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