Key Content Assets Every E-Commerce Business Should Have to Ensure Optimized Sales

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

The key content assets every e-commerce should have to ensure we communicate our offer effectively and make the most sales are:

  • Product descriptions, pictures and videos that inform your customers about the product they are buying.
  • More information pages that provide extra information to your customer but are not necessarily about selling such as the: About Us page, Shipping info, Returns, Privacy policy, etc.
  • Why buy from us pageOn this page, you will need to communicate effectively your uniqueness and why your customer should buy from you.
  • Hello from the owner videoOne of the most important videos you can post where you will communicate the “Story” behind your brand.
  • Post-Opt-in thank you video: This is where you would acknowledge your customer’s action after their opted in and start building the relationship leading up to the sales. This is crucial when implementing your Email Marketing.
  • Post Purchase thank you video: Another VERY important video to have your customer see as soon as they make their purchase where you thank them for their business and include information on what to expect next.
  • Home page intro content/sales content where you include text that further establishes your brand and includes your story.
  • Tag line: this is where you set the stage for everything you do as a business, set yourself apart from the competition and establish your brand clearly and convincingly.
  • Frequently asked questions where your customer can quickly access the information they need about your products and brand.

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