The #1 Question E-Commerce Business Owners Ask

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

Should I switch platforms? And is it worth it?

You decide!

Here is a list of the reasons it may be time to switch platforms:

  • To improve the customer experience
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Market conditions, like updated interfaces or plugins you need to upgrade
  • Improve key performance indicators- or known as KPI’s
  • Platform shortcomings i.e, not mobile responsiveness or not easy to build pages 
  • Integration requirements are not available on your older platform
  • Cost - Shopify is the most affordable platform at every level of the e-commerce game

So now that you’ve considered all the above, this is what you should consider when making your final decision:

Consider the “Risk/Reward” of switching platforms.

The “Risks”

  • Time & money needed in the process of changing platforms
  • Change business processes. By switching to a platform you are sometimes switching your processes.
  • SEO - traffic dips at the beginning when changing to a new platform until Google picks up the new changes. Something to consider if your business relies heavily on SEO.

The “Rewards”

  • Your business will 100% grow
  • Ongoing time and money spent on the business will reduce resulting in more efficiency and less reliance on developers. The platform, plugins and page building will be easier with a new advanced platform.

Now, that we’ve given you the Risks/Rewards, our answer, whenever someone asks, is always: You ABSOLUTELY should! 

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