The Most Important Decision For Any eCommerce Business Owner

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

What platform should I use to build my eCommerce store on?

This decision is probably one of the most important decisions you would need to make as an eCommerce business owner.

So which platform is the right platform?

While we build on different platforms, our number one choice remains: Shopify.


Shopify has all the following:

  • Most users- most stores at 200’000+
  • Most Third Party Developer support which means you end up with the best plugins and marketing applications.
  • Largest App Network which allows you many unique capabilities in terms of your store functionality and marketing.
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface which is very crucial to ensuring a great user experience.
  • Best pre- defined Theme selection and page editor which allows you to not have to worry about ongoing development on your website.
  • Built in merchant processing which allows you to easily set up a store and get a merchant account.
  • Great phone & tech support as well as customer support and access to training.
  • Ongoing innovation in their platform to make it better.
  • 100% Mobile responsiveness.
  • Flexible scale system with hosting which ensures your website doesn’t go down in the event you receive very high traffic. This is especially important for Enterprise level businesses.


If you’re wondering why big companies like Google and Tesla are all going to Shopify for their eCommerce? It’s because it’s the best solution out there!

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