Why Is It Important to Pick the Right Email Provider for Your E-Commerce Business?

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

With 50% of your sales coming from Email Marketing, selecting the right Email service provider is crucial to your E-commerce success.

What to look for in an email service provider: 

  • Contact tagging. This will allow you to tag people based on behavior, who they are.
  • Smart automation. When they get tagged, move them to an email sequence.
  • A/B testing. Split testing with different emails to see which performs best.
  • Template editor. Designing email in congruence with your brand
  • Phone Tech Support: the ability to reach someone quickly if you ever have an issue with email.
  • E-commerce data integration. Collecting data on our E-commerce through our email service provider to make business decisions accordingly. What they purchased, when and how much, patterns to communicate with people based on their purchasing profile. What products they like, how often do they purchase? Are they your biggest fans?
  • Help desk integration. To understand more about what people ask about, when and how often in addition to more information to help you understand more about your customer and their interaction with you/have a record.
  • Smart sending options. Selecting what’s appropriate for when to contact the customer along with other options.

Favorite Email Service Provider?

Klaviyo with many plugins, data integrations and ease of use.

You can use whatever email service provider that is right for your business, however, ensure it meets all the above!

Are you just starting out? Looking for help on email marketing? 

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