E-Commerce Optimization

What is E-Commerce Optimization?

A multi- level approach that focuses on increasing conversions being the most important metric for any e-commerce business.

When optimizing your website our well rounded experience allows us to look at your website and assess it from both a design and marketing perspective, resulting in a harmonized solution that ensures maximizing efforts every step of the way.

Aside from the common elements that need to be checked for any e-commerce business, we take an additional step when creating our plan to optimize conversions, so that the solution is unique to your business and designed to fit your brand and speaks to your ideal customers.


What’s Included in Our Approach:

Our solution to optimize includes:

  • Assessing your current website and identifying the areas that need to be improved upon.
  • Designing a solution to trouble shoot current issues as well as enhance performance.
  • Creating a plan for driving more traffic, and turning that into paying customers.
  • Scaling your efforts for maximum profits.


Areas We Specialize In:

  • Product Page Optimization
  • Product Pricing
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Cart Abandonment Campaigns
  • Automation Sequences
  • Explainer Videos

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How about a "Fresh Set Of Eyes" to review your current business? Download a One Page recommendation sheet on what you can improve on your website. Please note to allow 5 business days to receive report, as it is customized.


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