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Fund Your Digital Ad Spend So You Can Acquire More Customers & Grow Your Business


Who Is It For

An eCommerce business that is growing

Generating at least 10K in revenue per month

Processing over 40% of your transactions online

Unique Funding Model

Our partner uses a unique funding model to help entrepreneurs access capital without personal guarantees, credit scores or equity by forgoing traditional underwriting for true transaction data.

Assessment of Online Sales

Our partner assesses your company’s online sales within 24 hours and provide the capital within 2-5 business days. The capital is typically paid back over a 6-8 month period. However, there is no set repayment date as we collect the capital back using a revenue share model from all future sales.

How It Works

Apply In Minutes

You can enter your basic business information and link your marketing and revenue data online.

Choose A Budget

Our partner reviews your marketing performance and will let you know how much capital you can access.

Grow Your Revenue

Attract more customers. Our partner will offer you more capital as your business grows.

Take the Next Step in Growing Your eCommerce!

The new capital can support your existing marketing budget or can become the sole source of marketing spend for your business.


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